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Omran became the face of the crisis in Syria after he was photographed in an ambulance after a bombing in Aleppo.

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The family had "a fantastic experience" with the staff, she said, but never expected to see Obama."It was an emotional and amazing surprise," she said. He is a shy little boy, but when he saw the president, his eyes lit up and he was completely drawn to him.

Catherine, too, ran immediately to him and they both followed President Obama to the Oval Office with big smiles on their faces.""The president was incredibly warm," she said.

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Alex's August letter to Obama inspired the president to read excerpts from it during his final speech at the United Nations on Sept. The opportunity to meet the president last week was an honor, Alex's mother said. We felt respected and just so profoundly grateful for his time."Alex and his family, who live in the Edgemont section of Greenburgh, visited the White House on Nov. Valbona Myteberi said the White House's speechwriting team had invited the family to visit after Alex's letter about Omran Daqneesh, a 5-year-old boy who was photographed in Aleppo, Syria, after a bombing that month.

LETTER: Edgemont boy's plea to president OBAMA: President at UN reads Edgemont boy's Syrian plea"I could not hold the tears," Valbona Myteberi told The Journal News/in an email Friday. Daqneesh appeared bloody and scared as he sat in the back of an ambulance."Remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in Syria?

(Aleppo Media Center via AP)Alex's family was invited to visit the White House this fall at their convenience.

Last Wednesday they went for their tour of the West Wing, Valbona Myteberi said.

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