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In April, authorities announced that Kenya would no longer grant Somali refugees prima facie refugees status and in May, disbanded the Department of Refugee Affairs (DRA), a statutory government body responsible for registration of asylum seekers, issuing of travel permits and movement passes.

At the same time, Kenyan officials announced plans to close Dadaab refugee camp.

The case remained open but was suspended pending the ruling of a constitutional petition filed by the two men, asserting that state officials had violated their rights by subjecting them to a forced anal examination.

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The ability of Kenya police to respond effectively and lawfully should violence occur before, during, or after the 2017 elections remains a concern.

In a positive step, four police officers were charged with murder in late June 2016 of an International Justice Mission lawyer, his client and their cabdriver.

"Gundua Foundation involves itself with early cancer detection initiatives and we depend on well wishers for funding in order to operate.

"Moses is just among other notable personalities and corporates who have been helping us in our work.

She said: "There have been stories on several Kenyan blogs that Miss Kenya 2016, which is me, is dating Moses Kuria." "I want to clarify that I am not in any relationship with him. "I was really shocked at first to read that I am dating a person whom I am not even aware who he was." However, a fresh twist emerged when it was alleged that Moses was instead dating former Miss Kenya 2015, Charity Mwangi. "I hail from Kiambu county and Moses Kuria is my area MP.

Among other allegations was that the MP was also funding Charity's social work platform dubbed Gundua Foundation. I went knocking on his door because I am one of his constituents.Refugees in Dadaab camp told Human Rights Watch of intimidation by Kenyan officials, silence over alternative options that would allow them to remain in Kenya, cuts in rations and inadequate and misleading information on conditions in Somalia.In November, Kenyan authorities postponed the closure of Dadaab camp by six months.These, combined with climate change, have negatively impacted the livelihoods of about 300,000 indigenous people in Turkana county, but the Kenyan government has failed to raise this issue with Ethiopia.The Climate Change Law passed in May, if rigorously implemented, is expected to improve coordination and governance of national and local policies related to climate change.This comes after stories appearing on local blogs and other social media platforms alluded that she was in an affair with the Gatundu South legislator.

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