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I really needed my computer because it was for my daugther's homework. thanks..........really good i was told by a computer guy that my computer was not good anymore and he told me put on the garbage , I decide to look online how to solve the problem I found you with the same problem.... I newly installed the Windoes Vista Business Edition and installed my other programs, and I also updated the windows, but I got error that windows was not succesfully updated.

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We had the same symptoms on our computers so I gave it a try..WHOILA! I've recently had that problem and I got so scared because it was a new Toshiba Laptop.

Amazing how easy the solution was after I had taken the whole laptop apart a total of 3 times! and I had never heard of this problem, but your "reset" did the trick. I simply followed these instructions that I have received from mcmcnally.

I have fixed at least a dozen computers with this little trick, it works wonders, and it works on MOST laptops, make sure to pass the word to your fellow laptop users, there are some computer repair places that will make 100 bucks off of them if you don't!!!! This one didin't worked for me, I tried this twice but still I am getting black screen Hello, My laptop is a Compaq Presario C500 running Windows Vista.

I recently got a chord to plug up my laptop to my LCD TV and ever since then I have been having a problem.

when it goes black just type in your password and press enter it will log you in and if it does its because someone in your house set the computer to boot on a deffirent screen in which you would have to get to your settings somehow and change then back to start on your regular monitor because I had the same thing when I had my tv hooked to my co mputer and it took me forever to figure it out but once you log in and if you see the windows task bar at the bottem your in luck just right click your desktop and go to properties aqnd then your graphcs card settings or your regular desktop settings and switch it back to the normal monitor and if you dont have the bar like I didnt you will have to play around or just plug your tower to a tv and try to fix it that way I have had this problem twice in the last two months ...mysteriously, the monitor goes dark...

I can turn it off and on again and it comes on fine, but a second or two later it goes dark again... I am convinced it is a virus, but my (regualry updated and ran daily) anitvirus does not pick it up, nor shows any removal, etc.After changing the resolution using the NVIDIA Ge Force, the screen went blank so its like black screen and the power indicator on the monitor is blinking orange & green.At first it will do that in more or less 10 sec., but right now it will no longer show the display on the monitor. =) just experience this the same problem last 2 days.First when I turn it on it shows the Windows XP startup and then the computer screen goes black, I tried going on safe mode but it didn't work. I read this on another thread here and was so upset with my Toshiba's black screen (I am a flight attendant and drag this laptop all over the world and back... Kudos to the person who shared this on this website... I was completely stumped and nothing seemed to resolve my issue.I thought I broke it while going through security..where, of course they handle everything with tender loving Well I was just about to go online to buy a new laptop because my screen was black when I read a thread on this site and whoever figured this out WAS a genius... I lost the 'thread' but wanted to share it with everyone! I am a graduate student (who is not so smart as work was not all backed up) and I lost my compute last eve. Taking the battery out and holding the power button worked!!!!! I was seriously going to give up right after I tried one last thing, which was the instructions written by you.Since I cant do the warm reboot, I need to push the button on the CPU for 5 sec to restart the PC. After changing the resolution using the NVIDIA Ge Force, the screen went blank so its like black screen and the power indicator on the monitor is blinking orange & green.

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