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Only paying Patreon pledgers get to ask questions that my characters may answer! On a different note Morticia Adams did have the hotter wardrobe but I personally thing that Yvonne De Carlo was better looking than Carolyn Jones. That actually masked the scariest moment in Furry fandom for me, other than that, that huge big giraffe never failed in attractiveness that wasn't very nice of her to say by the way about the girl dressing like her not mind taking that nurse out to party with she like to spand Halloween with a wolf in black;) and no i dont meen that as a question and the way you probably think lol. *Snaps Fingers* I would imagine Patrick doing this as Gomez Addams: just be Nightshade's own Lurch: Any word on what Pat, Seb, Olivia, and Gab are dressing as? Only seen a few pics of that one, so I I), and a sexy nurse (I got something that you can cure, Puz! For stuff like guessing what they are/what song is being referenced, I try to be one of those people that goes straight to the comment box and avoid everyone's comments so they don't give something away, which 'usually' works (it's like a Coin, works about 25% of the time). Seb may dress up as Nux from Mad Max, b/c my Halloween pic has him as that : P Olivia and Gabby... Maybe Gabby is dressed up as Jason Vorhees and Olivia could be a sexy Freddy Krueger?

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I’m already looking forward to the next installment in this series, knowing that things will probably only get more interesting.

– Faolan Synopsis: Teacher and Student Commander and Private Rich and Poor Soldier and Prisoner Fantasy and Reality Client and Professional Life and Death Every society has taboos, from sacred vows which must never be broken to the limitations of sexual expression.

However, this simple formula combined with Gold’s writing make for a very enjoyable story.

The story is realistic, and so are the characters and situations that we find in this story.

Yoté managed to sketch a world with a modern-day setting that is unlike any other story I have ever read before.

In a time where it’s very hard to write a completely original story at times, Yoté definitely managed to do just that.

The stereotypes in the story were ones we often joke about in the furry fandom, but to actually see it “realized” in a story like this was absolutely great. I would love to recommend this anthology to all you pervs out there looking for a good time and perhaps some inspiration.

– Faolan This anthology is all about what the synopsis above says.

While some of the taboos were not necessarily my thing, the stories were well-written and intruiging.

I would have loved seeing more artwork in the interior of the book though.

I can fully recommend Synopsis: Rocky N’Guwe thought tennis would be the hardest thing he’d have to learn at Palm Gables Tennis Academy.

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