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I tell myself I shouldn't do that, and even now, this is still a new beginning, so I believe my thoughts on dating is disappearing.P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Hwanhee dating 2010.Amid his sexual harassment scandal, rumors about Onew's dating life have been swirling online.

A's Siwan, Girl's Day's Yura, EXID, and more glam up the red carpet for the ' Cable TV Broadcast Awards'. Red Velvet celebrate sunbae Taeyeon's birthday; receive advice from their queen.

Chaeyeon is an evil diva for new Chinese drama 'Can We Love Again?

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P's Marijuana Scandal Highlights Cultural Differences In regards to enlisting in the military, he simply said, "I do have plans to go to the military, but I don't want to think about it right now. Jisoo is blindingly pretty in her individual teaser image for Black Pink's comeback!

The song leaves fans in awe, as the story line consists of both boys fighting over their true love, who is played by actress Im Joo Eun.

Hwanhee steals Brian’s girl, who seems to have lost her memory, forgetting who she was actually in love with. Let us all bathe in the beauty of Im Joo Eun and Hwanhee as they stroll down the street.

In an interview with ' Chic News ' on March 13 at a cafe to promote rte aertel dating ' Twenty ,' Junho also talked about dating and enlisting in the military, which has been a hot topic lately with many top stars like Leeteuk and kang sora secretly dating and Shindong heading off.

In regards to dating, Junho said, "I'm not a 'motae solo someone who's never dated ,' but I've wooyoung and iu really dating fallen deeply into dating.

If you thought that punch was brutal, how about this punch AND flip?

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