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Also, she said that her husband refuses to look at the papers because he thinks he is being treated unfairly in the paperwork.

But the main thing is he has warrants for DUI and that's why she has waited a year to file for divorce. Anyway,let's say that what she is telling me is the truth.

When her husband did her wrong, she found justification to not only retaliate, but to do so multiple times with multiple men. She claims she didn't file the divorce papers because her would not sign.

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She really seems to care about this relationship andhaving known this person for so long now, I trust that what she is telling me is true about her and her husband, and I really hope that I do not need to put an end to our relationship. I've made lots of bad decisions and done terrible things. This whole thing would be so much easier if I could just marry this woman biblically.

Trying to untangle the mess people get themselves into is sometimes near impossible.

When I asked her why she was getting a divorce, she told me that the marriage was terrible from the start.

She said that her husband was abusive, drunk all the time, and disrespectful.

Meanwhile, she has been committing adultery and seeing you. While in a no-fault divorce consent is required by both parties, a person who truly wants a divorce can get it without the spouse's consent if they can prove they are unfit partners.

(Given her behavior, I must wonder if seeing more of you than is morally proper.) Then there is the matter of her saying she was getting a divorce, but wasn't at the time, so we also know she isn't above lying or letting others believe a lie if it suits her purpose. There are claims, but the evidence is sorely lacking.

With all that you told me, I think you are making a huge mistake. Yes, my divorce was because my former wife committed adultery.

I agree that I should have told this woman to contact me once her divorce was final. When I met this woman, she and her husband had been separated(not legally separated) for three years already due to the fact that she caught her husband committing adultery.

Does this mean that she is not eligible to remarry biblically, even though it was after her husband already cheated on her and ruined the marriage?

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