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Many snacks and bread products contain preservatives that help them last longer.

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When you’re out shopping for groceries, you are probably scanning items for dates, whether it is an expiration date, a sell-by date, or a use-by date.

Looking for those label terms is a good thing, but do you know what they mean?

The same recommendation pertains to poultry within in 3 to 5 days of its purchase.

By freezing these items you can keep them fresh for up to a year.

High-acid canned foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes have a shelf life of only a year to a year and a half. After all of that explanation, do these terms make sense to you or do you find them too confusing to be useful?

Food rotation labels are used to properly label and date food products for food preparation and storage.“Best Before” and “Sell by” Dates in the USA In the United States, food dating is basically unregulated by state and federal governments.Manufacturers and retail stores are responsible for maintaining safe food on the shelves for consumers, and they develop their own label terms and claims.It may still be edible, but flavor and texture will not be at their peak.Baked goods and snack foods generally sport Use-By Date labels.Snacks such as potato chips, crackers, pretzels, and popcorn last long after their “Use-By” date. To keep baked goods fresh, store them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer or refrigerator. For instance, water bottles usually have a two-year “Use-By” date printed on their label, but if the bottle is unopened, it is generally safe to drink. The length of freshness varies depending on the amount of acids in the canned goods.

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May 10, 2011. Looking for those label terms is a good thing, but do you know what they mean? The terms can be confusing so let me break them down for you. The Confusion with “Best-before” and “Sell-by” labels in Britain. Right now, in Britain, there is the chance that food label dating will be overhauled because the.… continue reading »

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