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Material showing explicit, non-simulated consensual sex that is pornographic in nature is rated X18 .

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Sometimes the rating of a film has changed significantly over time.

For example, the French film Jules and Jim received an X rating in 1962 that was changed to a PG rating in 1991.

Often the "infected" person is someone who is perceived as different, due to disability, shyness, being of the opposite sex, or having peculiar mannerisms.

Sometimes the phrase specifies the type of cooties, as in "you've got girl cooties! " after a child has been touched by or in other ways interacted with a child of the opposite sex.

Films rated X are intended only for viewing by adults, usually defined as people over the age of 18 or 21.

The Australian Classification Board (ACB formerly known as the OFLC), a government institution, issues ratings for all movies and television shows exhibited, televised, sold or hired in Australia.

in 2003, the Toy Industry Association included it on its "Century of Toys List" of the 100 most memorable and most creative toys of the 20th century.

In addition to the cooties games, the term cooties was popularised in America in the 1950s by military personnel coming back from service alongside the British in the South Pacific.

The Conseil d'État at litigation ruled that the movie should have been rated X.

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