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The number of slaves working in the Laurium mines or in the mills processing ore has been estimated at 30,000.Slaves were also used as craftsmen and tradespersons.

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Slavery becomes prevalent at the very moment when Solon establishes the basis for Athenian democracy.

Classical scholar Moses Finley likewise remarks that Chios, which, according to Theopompus, was the first city to organize a slave trade, also enjoyed an early democratic process (in the 6th century BC).

Xenophon indicates that they received one obolus per slave per day, amounting to 60 drachmas per year.

This was one of the most prized investments for Athenians.

The principal use of slaves was in agriculture, but hundreds of slaves were also used in stone quarries or mines, and perhaps two per household were domestic servants.

It is certain that Athens had the largest slave population, with as many as 80,000 in the 6th and 5th centuries BC, with average of three or four slaves per household, except in poor families.

He concludes that "one aspect of Greek history, in short, is the advance hand in hand, of freedom and slavery." An abundant literature of manuals for landowners (such as the Economy of Xenophon or that of Pseudo-Aristotle) confirms the presence of dozens of slaves on the larger estates; they could be common labourers or foremen.

The extent to which slaves were used as a labour force in farming is disputed.

As in agriculture, they were used for labour that was beyond the capability of the family.

The slave population was greatest in workshops: the shield factory of Lysias employed 120 slaves, Slaves were also employed in the home.

Slavery in ancient Greece was a common practice, as was slavery in other societies at the time.

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