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All primary and given names, alias(es), nicknames, and pseudonyms to include ethnic and tribal names (regardless of the context in which they are used, actual date of birth and any purported dates of birth, and actual social security number and any purported social security numbers used, if any, and any other identifying factors; (B) Residential and Physical Address.(i) Current physical address and mailing address, or if the person is incarcerated, the address of the residence where the person will be residing immediately upon release and the mailing address the person plans to use immediately upon release; (ii) If a registrant does not have a fixed or definite address, then a specific name, description and the location of the place or places where the registrant habitually lives, to include, but not be limited to, information of a certain part of the city or village that is the registrant’s habitual locale, a park or spot on the street where the registrant stations himself/herself during the day or sleeps at night, any shelters or temporary homeless shelters which the registrant circulates, or places of public buildings, restaurants, libraries, or other establishments that the registrant frequents; (iii) physical address and mailing address of any anticipated future residence or any residence of temporary lodging, wherein the offender leaves the current residence for seven (7) days or more, including any land line telephone numbers of the anticipated future residence or temporary lodging, pagers or cellular/mobile numbers that the offender has access to or anticipates in having access to; (C) Employment Information.Criminal history, including the date of all arrests and convictions, the status of parole, probation, or supervised release, registration status, all relevant information related to the underlying crime which triggered the registration requirements of this Chapter, any sex offender registration status, and any outstanding arrest warrants; (F) Treatment Documentation.

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Any person who is a non-resident who is on Guam for the purpose of being employed or as a student and has been or is hereafter convicted of a sex offense.

(b) Registration Requirements; Information to be Registered. All persons required to register shall provide all of the information detailed in this Section to the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, and the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, shall obtain all of the information detailed in this Section from any person required to register with Guam in accordance with this Chapter, and shall implement any relevant policies and procedures necessary to effectuate the intent of this code. To the greatest extent possible, all information obtained under this code shall be maintained by the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, in a digitized format. There is hereby established a Sex Offender Registry, which the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, shall maintain and operate pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, as amended.

Any land line telephone numbers, pagers, cellular/mobile numbers, or any other designations used by the offender for purposes of routing or self-identification in telephonic communications, that the offender has access to or anticipates having access to; (G) Vehicle Information.

The license plate number and description of any vehicle, which includes all land vehicles, aircrafts, or watercrafts, whether owned or operated for work or personal use, to include a description of the vehicle, its permanent or frequent location; (H) Internet Identifiers.

(3) Every person who was convicted in court of a criminal sexual conduct offense or of a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor and is released on parole or probation shall provide a biological sample for DNA profile information to the Guam Police Department at the time of that person’s initial registration or within thirty (30) working days of initial registration.

(4) Every person required to register pursuant to § 89.03(a) shall provide a biological sample to the Guam Police Department for DNA profile information at the time of that person’s initial registration on Guam or within thirty (30) working days upon conviction.(5) Intentional or knowing failure to provide a biological sample shall have the same penalty as a failure to provide initial registration information, which is a felony of the third degree as noted under § 89.05(f).(6) All biological samples for DNA profile information typing that is provided to the Guam Police Department pursuant to this Subsection shall be submitted for analysis and entry of the resulting DNA profile into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).A photograph of any such distinguishing physical characteristics or marks should be included if possible, but is not required; (B) Photograph.A current photograph of the offender (digitized form); (C) Driver’s License and Identification Card.A current photograph (paper records); (E) School Information.

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