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As you can’t explain the sense of familiarity that surrounds you both, you want to ensure that you’ll have the chance to continue this unique connection and learn more from each other.

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You may also call just when the other person is about to or pick up the phone and call you.

The souls of people you loved or someone you have been in a relationship within the past often reinicarnate with you in your future lives.

You established instant rapport and you don’t mind sharing your vulnerabilities.

You’re so attuned to each other it’s as if you’re having some kind telepathic communication with each other.

It seems like you both had been running in circles around each other, always on the outskirts of each other’s lives, but never actually meeting.

Now that you’ve met, it’s like coming across someone that you’ve known before but haven’t seen for a very long time.

There might be recollections of past life memories where you both were living in the same place, traveling in a foreign country together, or being in the same job.

Aside from memories, you also share similar tastes in food, music, movies, books, and many other things.

You feel like you’ve known this person before – somewhere, sometime, somehow.

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