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The case fatality rate has remained high during 2008 – 2012 despite a public awareness campaign and establishment of a referral system for better treatment and nursing care of patients in potential outbreak areas in Bangladesh.

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Consumption of raw date palm sap contaminated by flying bats was the primary source of human Ni V infection in Bangladesh.

Nipah cases tend to occur in a cluster or as an outbreak, although 18% of cases in Bangladesh were isolated.

Strong evidence indicative of human-to-human transmission of Ni V was found in Siliguri (India) in 2001 and in Bangladesh in 2004.

Outbreaks of Nipah in South-East Asia have a strong seasonal pattern and a limited geographical range.

India reported two outbreaks of Nipah virus encephalitis in the eastern state of West Bengal, bordering Bangladesh, in 20.

Seventy one cases with 50 deaths (70% of the cases) were reported in two outbreaks.All five fatal cases were found to be positive for Ni V by RT-PCR.The morbidity and mortality data of human Ni V infection in India and Bangladesh from 2001 to 2012 is presented in Table 1.So far, Ni V has infected 263 people and resulting in 196 deaths since 2001.The case fatality rate of Nipah virus encephalitis ranges from 0-100 and average case fatality rate is 74.5%.In addition, eleven abattoir workers in Singapore developed a febrile illness caused by Nipah virus during March 1999 following close contact with imported pigs from Malaysia.

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