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I hope everybody will understand why this is happening and we won’t get flooded by n00b questions everyday… It’s been over a year since the release of 0.97.2, and “good things come to those who wait”: audio conference, video conference, chat while appearing offline, full ink (handwriting) support, MSN games support (only tic-tac-toe for now), a new protocol version, and of course, your favorite bugfixes!

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We’ve decided to start a Planet, which is a kind of RSS reader, that will read our blog posts from various blogs (we have the a MSN blog at but some developers might also have their own personal blogs), and it will update the front page automatically for us.

You can also get an RSS feed directly for the front page of a MSN’s news by adding this RSS to your RSS reader.

Don’t forget you can submit your own ideas if you wish to, but make sure it’s something we’d like to see and that it’s worth working on for 2.5 months at 40 hours/week.

Make sure you read the User Guide and the FAQ that Google has put up and don’t forget that this is just like submitting an application for a job (there is 4500$USD involved..) so you need to make sure you convince us that you are the best person for the job.

It is meant to be multi-frontend so that it has a native look on the operating system you use. It fights for us in court and helps protect the digital world from big corporations who do not care about their consumers.

Each time we get asked, the release is postponed for 3 months, so now I can say it's post 2020 ☺ . You can reach us on irc on the #amsn channel at freenode if you have questions about the development. Thanks to the ads that we have displayed on the a MSN website, the a MSN Team was able to gain a bit of money and we decided to donate part of that revenue to the EFF.

0.98.1 contains a lot of important fixes so update now! Thanks to an awesome contribution from one of the a MSN users, we are now able to provide you with a localized version of the website!

We are also proud to announce that the Maemo 5 platform (Nokia’s N900) is now supported. You can now choose to view your favorite website in English, French, Spanish, German or Turkish! If the website is not available in your language, don’t be shy, translate it and contribute back to the project you love!

Visit us in the forums to tell us what you think, suggest improvements or to ask us on how to proceed! Apparently, a MSN is getting more and more popular and is now being shown on TV…

First, there was this egyptian TV show where the girl actually said that she uses “a MSN” and that it allows her to see if someone deleted her.. It also apparently appeared in a spanish TV show too, and it will also appear in a movie in the near future! I’m just blogging to say that a MSN 0.98 will soon be released..

What this means is that you still have until April 10th to submit an application for GSo C, and to do so, you should go the GSo C webapp and fill an application under the organization “Tcl/Tk Community” and submit your proposal for an a MSN related project.

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