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The term “Cybersecurity” has multiple meanings and associated connotations throughout the Higher Education community.

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After all, our community is in the business of providing access to curated content and credentials.

We don’t prefer to delve into the infrastructure (that’s what IT folks do) and we aren’t impacted by the high level administrative issues……or are we?

So why should we care about Privacy and Data Protection?

Well, one needs only to do a few cursory (no pun intended) Google searches, or read some local news, one would see the risks that are inherent in what we do so well every day.

We are experiencing expensive ransomeware attacks, Denial of Service outages, theft of intellectual capital and attacks aimed at unsuspecting staff and students resulting in identity theft and all manner of undefined problems that seem to be on the increase in Education.

It appears that the bad guys have the high ground at this point in history.

Is PDP so compartmentalized that we don’t need to worry about the topics addressed by IT and the institutional administration?

We are going great guns developing and distributing meaningful content all over the world!

Our programs are clearly in the center of PDP because we present ourselves as a lucrative target for cyberthieves, and we are not spending much time or resources on protecting our information from would-be wrong-doers.

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